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Biotoxins are toxins that are created by living organisms. They can be acquired from the air, water, food or from insect bites.

Biotoxins can be classified by the type of critter that is emiting it.

Examples are:

Fungal mycotoxins

Microbial biotoxins

Plant biotoxins

Animal biotoxins.

Another method of categorizing biotoxins is by the effect they have.

Examples are:

Hemotoxins which destroy red blood cells, and are transmitted through the bloodstream. An organisms that producse hemotoxinsis the rattlesnake.

Necrotoxins which kill cells they encounter and slowly eat away the tissue. An example of an organism that possesses necrotoxins is the brown recluse spider.

There are a variety of living organisms that contain or emit biotoxins. Some of the more common biotoxin emiting organisms we run into as humans are:


Mold in water damaged buildings (moldy buildings)





Other citters known to have toxic bites

Fish/Seafood known to cause poisonings


A person can be screened for biotoxin illness by using an online or in-office visual contrast sensitivity test (VCS).

For data on removal of biotoxins, click here.

Removal of Biotoxins

Most people are able to remove biotoxins from the circulation with the help of the immune system or the biotransformational system (largely in the liver). They are then excreted largely in the urine or feces. However some people don't have the correct immune response or their biotransformational system is not working up to par for various reasons. In these cases the biotoxins can remain in the body and cause chronic symptoms.

Generally a biotoxin would be marked by the immune system for removal. The immune system would then break it down and ultimately remove it through the liver and into the intestines where it is excreted in the feces or the toxic remains may be removed through the urine. It turns out that about 25% of the population does not have the immune system genes called HLA-DR genes, that are necessary for the immune system to properly go through this whole process of marking the biotoxin, and ultimately making an antibody to remove the toxin.

The biotoxin binds to surface receptors in many, if not most of the cells of the body. This causes a constant inflammatory reaction in the body as the cells are continually upregulating infllammatory pathways due to the continuous biotoxin stimulation.

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