Corn silk
Zea mays

Corn silk - Zea mays (in the Poaceae family)

Parts used: Fresh corn silk.

Taste/smell: Sweet, mucilaginous, characteristic corn smell.

Tendencies: Cooling and drying.

Dosage: Infusion: 3 fresh heaping tablespoons per cup of water; or 1:0.8 fresh strength liquid extract: 10-75 drops 1-4 times per day.

Use: (a) Soothing, (b) Toning, (c) Demulcent, (d) Diuretic, (e) Antimicrobial, (f) Vulnerary, (g) Antiseptic.

Corn silk is used for inflammatory states of the kidneys and bladder, enuresis and BPH. It is healing to the urinary tract and helps restore normal tissue tone and function.

It contains potassium salts, tannins, saponins, flavonoids, lipids, glucids and glycoproteins that induce production of interferon, inhibit IgE formation and enhance IgG and IgM formation,161 and also have antiviral and antitumor activities. Corn silk is safe for children.

Contraindications: Information unavailable at this time.

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