Salvia officinalis

Sage - Salvia officinalis (in the Lamiaceae or Mint family)

Part used: Aerial herb in budding stage.

Taste/smell: Pungent, aromatic.

Tendencies: Warming, drying.

Dosage: Infusion: 1 teaspoon per cup of water; or 1:1.4 fresh + dry strength liquid extract: 10-40 drops 1-4 times per day.

Mental picture and specific indications: For people with relaxed and enfeebled circulation with excessive sweating.

Use: (a) Carminative, (b) Astringent, (c) Antibacterial with in vitro activity against Strep pyogenes and Staph aureus , (d) Used for atonic states.

Cold preparations are used to check excessive perspiration from peripheral circulatory atony or relaxation. Sage is used for hot flashes, night sweats, galactorrhea, treating the symptoms of diarrhea and gastric atony with gas and burping. It is also beneficial for mucous membrane irritation, like gum ulcerations and sore throats.

Contraindications: Sage is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the emmenagogue and abortifacient effect and lactation due to the possibility of reduced milk flow. It contains the mutagen, thujone. Do not exceed the recommended dosage or use long term. Prolonged use may cause epileptiform cramps.

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