Propolis (Plant material collected by bees. Not an herb, but often used by herbalists.)

Part used: Resin.

Taste/smell: Resinous, pleasant.

Tendencies: Warming, drying.

Dosage: 1:4 dry strength liquid extract: 15-40 drops 1-4 times per day.

Use: (a) Hepatoprotective, (b) Antioxidant, (c) Expectorant, (d) Antiseptic with soothing and healing properties.

Propolis is used for sore throats, toothaches, coughs, respiratory and urinary tract infections, gum inflammation and as a topical antiseptic.

Contraindications: It is contraindicated in pregnancy. All resinous liquid extracts like propolis will precipitate in water and stick to the container or glass.

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