Lomatium dissectum

Lomatium - Lomatium dissectum (in the Umbelliferae or Parsley family)

Part used: Root.

Taste/smell: Resinous, aromatic.

Dosage: Infusion: 1-2 teaspoons of cut and crushed root, infused for 25 minutes; or a 1:1.5 fresh strength liquid extract: 10-30 drops 1-4 times per day.

Use: (a) Antifungal, (b) Antibacterial, (c) Antiviral, (d) Immunomodulator.

Lomatium is used for colds, flu, viral infections, fungal infections, bacterial infections and specifically for hard to treat infections of the urinary tract or respiratory tract.

Contraindications: Ingestion of the fresh plant root and fresh plant products has produced a skin rash in some individuals that disappears when the plant is discontinued. It contains coumarins and may potentially exacerbate the effect of other blood thinning agents. Some individuals get contact dermatitis from this plant.

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