Black walnut
Juglans nigra

Black walnut - Juglans nigra (in the Juglandaceae or Walnut family)

Part used: Fresh immature green husk.

Taste/smell: Acrid, bitter.

Tendencies: Drying, cooling.

Dosage: 1:1 fresh plant liquid extract: 1-10 drops 1-3 times per day in a little water.

Use: (a) Antiseptic, (b) Astringent, (c) Laxative, (d) Emetic, (e) Antifungal, (f) Antihemorrhagic, (g) Vermifuge.

Black walnut is used for athlete's foot, ring worm, candida and other fungal infections, both externally and internally. Internally, it is also used for chronic constipation, intestinal toxemia, portal congestion or hemorrhoids, pin or thread worms, tapeworm, giardia and other parasites. The constituent, juglone, is found in the immature green husks.

Contraindications: The fresh green husks can cause irritation and blistering when applied to the skin in excessive quantities. Taken internally in large doses, it is a sedative to the circulation and heart. Do not use in pregnancy or for extended periods of time. This herb should only be used by trained professionals.

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