Grindelia spp.

Gumweed - Grindelia spp. (in the Asteraceae or Aster family)

Parts used: Budding tops.

Taste/smell: Resinous, sticks to teeth, pleasant.

Dosage: 1:1 fresh + dry strength liquid extract: 10-40 drops 1-4 times per day.

Mental picture and specific indications: Gumweed is specific for infectious respiratory conditions and asthma with copious, tenacious expectoration. The individuals stop breathing as they fall asleep and awaken with a start to gasp for breath. They cannot breathe while lying down.

Use: (a) Expectorant.

It is used internally for coughs, generalized bronchial congestion and asthma and topically for poison oak rash.

Contraindications: Large doses may produce kidney and stomach irritation. All resinous liquid extracts of herbs, like gumweed, will precipitate in water and stick to the container or glass.

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