Gravel root
Eupatorium purpureum

Gravel root - Eupatorium purpureum (in the Asteraceae or Aster family)

Parts used: Root.

Taste/smell: Slightly bitter, starchy.

Tendencies: Drying.

Dosage: Decoction: 2 teaspoons per cup of water; or 1:1 fresh strength liquid extract: 10-40 drops 1-4 times per day.

Mental picture and specific indications: Gravel root is indicated for irritable bladders, enlarged prostates and kidney diseases related to high uric acid. It has specific indication for bone pains and deep dull pain in the kidneys with chills and pains running upward.

Use: (a) Diuretic, (b) Emmenagogue, (c) Increases excretion of solid materials in urine, (d) Prevents precipitation of urates.

Gravel root is indicated for atonic conditions with painful urination. It is used for chronic kidney and bladder conditions with blood in the urine, inability to urinate, chronic infections, general pelvic weakness, gout and especially for kidney stones due to high uric acid.

Contraindications: Since it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, do not use long term or exceed the recommended dosage. It is contraindicated in pregnancy.

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