Wild ginger
Asarum caudatum or canadensis

THIS PLANT SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED DUE TO CONTENT OF ARISTOLOCHIC ACID- how it has been used in the past is provided below.

Wild ginger - Asarum caudatum or canadensis (in the Aristilochiaceae or Birthwort family)

Part used: Root.

Taste/smell: Bitter, acrid.

Tendencies: Warming, stimulating.

Dosage: Infusion: 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per cup of water; or 1:0.95 fresh strength liquid extract: 5-20 drops 1-3 times per day.

Use: (a) Antiviral, (b) Immunomodulator, (c) Diaphoretic.

Wild ginger is used in viral infections, to induce sweating and for crampy and slow-starting menses.

Contraindications: The fact that this plant contains aristolochic acid means it is best to not consume this plant. Aristolochic acid can cause kidney damage if consumed in large enough amounts. It can cause nausea in some individuals. Wild ginger is contraindicated in pregnancy due to the emmenagogue and abortifacient effects. It has been used used short term in the past. It has not been used long term or in excees of the recommended dosage.

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