Artemisia vulgaris

Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris (in the Asteraceae or Aster family)

Part used: Flowering tops.

Taste/smell: Aromatic, bitter, spicy.

Tendencies: Warming.

Mental picture and specific indications: In small doses, mugwort strengthens the digestive and nervous system. It is specific for coldness, stiffness and spasms.

Dosage: Infusion: 1 teaspoon per cup of water; or 1:1 fresh strength liquid extract: 1-20 drops 1-4 times per day.

Use: (a) Vermifuge, (b) Bitter tonic, (c) Antibacterial, (d) Antifungal, (e) Emmenagogue, (f) Abortifacient.

Mugwort promotes proper digestion and appetite and regulates menstruation.

Contraindications: All Artemisia species may be toxic in large doses or with chronic use. It is contraindicated in pregnancy.

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